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The cooling system in a car is one of the most important parts of the car as it prevent overheating and damage caused by high temperatures. Without a properly functioning cooling system the car would be undrivable as it would overheat even when used for short distances. At Advance Auto Livermore we offer experienced and professional cooling system services to ensure that your car is at the correct temperature at all times. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers are saying here, and schedule an appointment today!

What Are Signs Of An Issue In Your Cooling System?

One of the most intimidating issues in your car is facing overheating. Some of the signs of a cooling system failure include:

Overheating - This is the most common symptom of a fault in your cooling system. This is generally signalled by the needle on your temperature gauge going completely to hot. Additionally with newer cars you will find that a warning sign will blink on your dashboard signifying high temperatures.

Steam Or Smoke - Another sign of a failure in your cooling system is smoke or steam coming from your engine bay. As the parts in your engine begin to overheat steam and or smoke will quickly emerge from your engine which can be a dangerous situation to face while driving.

Low Coolant Levels - A leak in your cooling system can also lead to overheating issues. More often than not as coolant leaks from your system your car will alert you that the coolant level is low. This could signify a damaged coolant reservoir or a fault in your cooling system.

If at any time you find that steam or smoke is coming from your engine pull off to the side of the road and wait for professional help. An overheated car can be a dangerous situation that can quickly lead to damage to your engine or impair your ability to drive.

What Parts Are Involved In Your Cooling System?

The water pump, thermostat, cooling fan, coolant reservoir tank, and radiator, are all components integral to the cooling system in your car. When the system is working properly, all of these parts work together to cool the car as the mechanical aspects work. When a car functioning it creates large amounts of friction in the engine. Without the cooling system this friction can quickly turn to overheating and eventually cause the engine to stall.

The water pump functions as the main component in your cooling system. It works in unison with the other components to pump antifreeze throughout the system to keep all engine components cool. A water pump is powered by a belt and turns as the engine does to keep everything cool.

The thermostat is responsible for monitoring the heat in the engine. As the temperature of the engine rises it allowing more antifreeze to pass through to the radiator keeping all components cool and at the right temperature.

If any of these components become damaged or fail to function properly, you could find yourself with a serious overheating issue in your car. If this is the case, call our expert mechanics and get the professional services you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Professional Services From Advanced Auto Livermore

When it comes to the cooling system in your car, having it function perfectly is imperative. When any component becomes damaged or functions less than efficiently you could quickly find your car overheating and smoking. At Advanced Auto Livermore we offer industry leading cooling system services for all of our customers. This includes inspections of all parts, antifreeze flushes, and general maintenance and repairs. Our expert mechanics are ASC and ASE certified which means we have the knowledge and experience to solve any of your cooling system problems.

At Advanced Auto Livermore We Service All Major Makes & Models Including:

  • Toyota
  • Hyundai
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Chrysler
  • Ford
  • Chevrolet

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