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The brakes on every car are the main safety feature and must be cared for to ensure that they keep the car and it's passengers safe. Over time through regular use the brakes on a car wear out and require replacement services. Without them you could find yourself and your car in serious danger or cause significant damage to other components of the car. At Advanced Auto Livermore we offer expert services that won't break the bank. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers are saying here, and call us today!

Why Are Good Brakes Important?

Good brakes on a car are important because they allow the car to stop, turn, and maneuver in an efficient and safe manner. Besides stopping the car, the brakes will slow the car when it is in traffic, allow it to make tight turns, and give the driver a little bit of peace of mind when they find themselves in heavy traffic. Good brakes could make the difference between a traffic accident and a safe stop.

What Are Common Signs & Symptoms Of Worn Or Damaged Brakes?

The common signs and symptoms of brakes that are going bad or are wearing down are easy for the driver to feel when they are behind the wheel of the car. They include:

  • Longer Brake Times - As the brakes in your car age it will take longer and longer for them to actually stop your car. If you find that you’re pressing the brake and the car does not slow immediately, your brake pads could be worn out.
  • Shaking - If the car shakes when the brake pedal is pressed, the brakes could be misaligned or wearing at different rates. This means the pads must be replaced to ensure that they are wearing at the same rate and the other components including the caliper and rotor must be inspected.
  • Noisy Brakes - As the brakes wear down you are eventually left with little if any brake pad at all. When you attempt to stop in this condition you will find that your car makes grinding or scratching noises. If this is the case you could have metal touching metal which requires immediate brake replacements.

How Often Should Brakes Be Replaced?

The brakes on a car tend to last anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 miles depending on the driver. If you are a driver that uses the brakes often you could find that brakes wear down a lot quicker. In the end it is always important to keep track of that last time the brakes were changed for warranty purposes. At Advanced Auto Livermore we can provide you with efficient inspection services to determine whether or not your brakes are in need of replacements. Additionally we can provide you with industry leading installation services without burning a hole in your wallet.

Why Are Professional Mechanics Needed?

Our professional mechanics are licensed by the state and go through ongoing training that allows us to know everything there is to know about the cars we service and the brake systems that the driver needs to have checked. At Advanced Auto Livermore we services all major makes and models including:

  • Toyota
  • Hyundai
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Chrysler
  • Ford
  • Chevrolet

Our mechanics will thoroughly inspect the entire brake system and provide you with efficient repair or installation services. Our goal is to guarantee the longevity and safety of your car. When you come to our shop you can rest assured knowing that our mechanics are both ASC and ASE certified. Meaning that at every bay there is a highly qualified and trained professional working on your car at any time.

Nothing gives you peace of mind like knowing that your brakes will work when you need them to. Call us at (925) 455-9338 and get the best services in Livermore, CA today!

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