What Causes An Automobile Engine To Overheat?

Overheated CarWhen a customer visited his car dealership recently about his vehicle overheating, the dealership responded with a “customer is always right” attitude. In turn, the dealership mechanics checked the automobile for any obvious engine problems or defects. In turn, the mechanic found mishandling of the vehicle by the owner when it came to simple self-maintenance checks that the driver failed to make. For instance, the car’s radiator was nearly empty and thus caused the car to overheat.

A car overheats for various reasons

While there are many things that can go wrong with a motor vehicle today, the issue of an overheating engine is a huge problem because it can cost an owners lots of money. Still, there is a commonly held point of view from automobile dealership mechanics that “many engines run hot because they were not maintained.” Thus, to help remedy this common problem, both top mechanics and dealership owners are advises their customers to check their car often to prevent overheating.

In turn, there are some common sense tips for avoiding a hot engine that include:

– Check to ensure your engine’s coolant is not too low. According to most car manufacturers, the top cause for a car engine overheating is low coolant levels.

– Make sure your electric cooling fan is working properly. An electric cooling fan draws air through the radiator when operating properly. In turn, if the fan is not operating properly it will cause an engine overheating problem, say mechanics.

– Ensure the radiator fan switch is working. Because the switch turns the cooling fan on to keep the engine from overheating, it is all-important that his switch is working properly.

– Test engine thermostat. A bad thermostat can cause a car to overheat when driving at high speeds on highways, say mechanics commenting online.

– Replace broken fan belt. The fan belt drives the engine cooling fan, say mechanics who often repair broken belts after an engine overheats.

Overall, there are many things that can cause a vehicle engine to overheat. In turn, there are many common sense preventative measures to keep a car engine from getting hot and breaking down, say professional mechanics.

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