Dangers of fixing your car’s AC

AC Repair The vehicle’s car conditioner is designed to provide cool air to passengers who would otherwise be exposed to hot temperatures emanating from the outside environment. However, air conditioners do have a number of hazardous materials which should only be handled by a trained auto-mechanic or technician. The coolant hazard emanates from Freon gas which is usually compressed inside the vehicles air conditioning compartment in order to provide a cooling effect via evaporation. The health hazard posed by Freon gas can lead to cardiac arrhythmia, in addition to causing damage to the ozone layer when released in the atmosphere.

Benzene is one of the toxic substances present in the air conditioner. Benzene is a well known carcinogens that cause anemia and cancer, in addition to affecting the normal working of the liver and kidney after prolonged exposure. Attempting to fix your vehicle’s air conditioner may expose you to the danger of inhaling toxic fumes, especially if the unit is not fixed properly. Because of the dangers posed by leaks or new coolant refills, only trained professionals should be tasked with the duty of handling the vehicle’s air conditioner.

The other problems posed by the air conditioner is the danger of overcharging or undercharging the coolant and the flammable hazard. All vehicles require a certain amount of coolant in the air conditioning unit to ensure complete recharged. The perils of using do-it-yourself filling cans is that they may contain less or more gas than the amount the car requires; such a scenario may pose some serious problems later. The recommended way of filling up the vehicle’s air conditioning with the right amount of gas requires that the units be vacuumed first to remove moisture and residual gas before refill.

Some top-up cans advertised as eco-friendly contain dangerous chemicals such as Hydrogen Fluoride which when heated up can decompose to form hydrofluoric acid when mixed with water. Allowing a professional technician to fix your vehicle’s air conditioning will save you time and money, in addition to keeping you safe from attempting a potentially dangerous cheap fix that may prove very costly.

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