Signs your car’s AC needs maintenance

Livermore MechanicThere is a sign for everything and when it comes to Cars, all you need is notice a few things. If you are worried about your Car’s A/C, here are a few things to look out for:

Water- One of the subtle duties of your A/C is to clear water and moisture from the cabin. The A/C sucks out humidity out of the cabin and drains it out from somewhere under the chassis. If that piper is blocked, or clogged, then there is chance you will quickly notice increased humidity, sweaty cabin and eventually water puddles will start forming on the floor of your car.

Noise- The rotating fan is part and parcel of your A/C, and as long as it is running and not noisy, everything should be OK. The truth is, many times this Fan might become noisy, and this is easily an issue that needs to be checked. Any unusual noise from the fan should be checked and fixed before your A/C gets grounded.

Weird Smells-Weather is the time you turned off or turned on your A/C, you should never smell anything out of the ordinary. If you ever smell things like mold, dampness, rotten gas smell or anything unusual. If there is a reason why any smells from a turned off/on A/C should be checked, it is just that: It should be checked.

Finally, it is the refrigerant gas that will keep your A/C cooling down your summer drives. If your refrigerant gas is leaked or evaporated, then you will loose cooling power. If you realize your car is not cooling, chances are it has lost its refrigerant gas. It is imperative that you take your car to a specialized dealer who will help, detect the leakage and fix/refill the gas.

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AC Maintenance
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