Knowing When Your Vehicle Needs an Alignment

Livermore MechanicPeople often want to know when it’s time for their car to have an alignment. This is important part of a car’s maintenance. When a vehicle is in alignment it helps to avoid wear on the tires as well as other vehicle parts. It can also impact a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. There are certain things that indicate when a vehicle is ready for an alignment.

If a vehicle pulls or drift to one side. The steering wheel seems off center, and the tires have an uneven wear . Driving the vehicle just doesn’t feel right. All these could indicate an alignment is necessary. A vehicle could be put out of alignment from running over potholes, occasionally hitting a curb when parking and more.

The goal of an alignment is to get a vehicle’s wheels and axles inline with one another. This will make it so they’re moving in the exact same direction. During the process a mechanic will make adjustments to a vehicle’s different suspension angles. A vehicle’s steering wheel will also be centered. It’s important to understand every car manufacturer has specific angles for alignment, concerning the vehicles they make.

The type of alignment a vehicle needs will depend on its suspension design. A four-wheel drive vehicle needs a different type of alignment from a two-wheel drive vehicle. Adjustable rear suspensions and independent suspensions are put into alignment in different ways.

A few things are done before the alignment begins. The steering and suspension will be checked to see if anything is broken or bent. The condition of the tires will also be examined.

It’s important for a vehicle’s alignment to be done by a knowledgeable mechanic using an alignment machine. These machines have devices that are put directly onto the wheels of a vehicle as sits in the air. The devices are connected to a computer that is designed to make the most precise measurements possible. When a mechanic is finished performing an alignment, they should be willing to provide the customer with a printout. It will have images of the vehicles suspension, before and after the alignment has been performed.

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