Need a Professional Oil Change?

Check Engine Everyone that drives a car can tell you a few simple things about their vehicle and should know that routine maintenance is needed on all vehicles. One of the most important, yet simple, maintenance procedures is to change the oil. Aside from fueling up the car regularly, having oil changed on your car is one of the most vital services you can perform. This service is best left to professionals who will be able to quickly change the oil and will be able to spot any potential problems your vehicle has. Oil changes seem like a very simple task; however, if ignored, they have the potential to shorten the life of your car.

In general most car manufacturers suggest that you change your oil every three thousand miles or every three months. That might sound like a pretty frequent timeline to change your oil, but if you fail to change it regularly then your engine oil can quickly break down and become less effective. Since engine oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts and helps transfer heat away from vital components you need your oil in peak performing condition. Forgetting to change your oil could cause those moving parts to begin to wear down because of the increased friction and heat. This will lead to performance issues and eventually engine failure.

Three thousand miles in three months might be significantly more miles than what you are used to driving but don’t put off your oil change because you haven’t driven enough miles. Even if you only use your car for shot trips you’ll still want to change the oil every three months. During those short trips your engine will heat up briefly and cool down for a long period of time. This causes excessive stress on engine oil and will make it break down faster.

Engine oil has certain additives that improve its quality and help it transfer heat away from moving parts more efficiently. Over time those additives will breakdown and leave sludge and deposits in your oil. These deposits and thick sludge cause your engine to work much harder and will shorten the life of your engine. If you’ve ever checked your oil levels and watch your oil start as a glossy brown and turn black over time you know what I mean. Changing your oil in a timely manner will help prevent future engine problems and will let you rest easy knowing that your car has been well taken care of.

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